Rattlebones Ceilidh & Barn Dance Band

Rattlebones is a popular and lively Ceilidh and Barn Dance Band available for booking in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire & West Sussex. The band has had years of experience providing music for dancers and comes complete with a sympathetic and enthusiastic caller and dances suitable for every occasion.

A drummers eye view of us playing for a Barn Dance in 2013. Worried beginners please note the caller is just giving a last run through before the start of the dance. All dances are walked through in full.

If you want to know what we sound like please click on the youtube links above and if you like what you hear and are planning a Barn Dance or Ceilidh email us NOW with your requirements at :


and we'll get right back to you.

Here's a list of dances we commonly call

Buttered Peas
La Russe
Cumberland Square Eight
Flying Scot
Woolly Jumper
Circle Waltz
Grand Chain
Lucky Seven
Norfolk Long Dance
Circassian Circle
Boston Tea Party
Cornish Six Hand Reel
Falling Masonry
4 around 4
Quarndon hill gallop
Oxo Reel
Numerella Jig
Nottingham Swing
Willow Tree
Stoke Golding Country Dance
Clopton Bridge
Yarmouth Long Dance

Some traditional Scottish dances

Virginia reel
Gay Gordons
Strip The Willow
Dashing White Sergeant
Canadian Barn Dance
St. Bernards Waltz
Eightsome Reel